Poem Refection

My Refection

-I enjoyed writing poems on my blog. My poems weren’t that good , but I think that I did a good job.

My favorite poem was “I Am poem”. I think it was more easy than the others. The others were a little bit difficult to me. I tried my best to write my poems. I need to improve more on writing poems. I will try my best to write my poems better.~^^


Poem A Day Challenge #14


I am a rose blooming

I am a sun shining

I am a puppy smiling

I am a good friend to everyone

I am a bird flying


Poem A Day Challenge #13

This poem is not what I wrote. This poem is what I like


Went to the corner

Walked in the store

Bought me some Candy

Ain’t got it no more

Ain’t got it no more

Went to the beach

Played on the shore

Build me a sandhouse

Ain’t got it no more

Ain’t got it no more

Went to the kitchen

lay down on the floor

made me a poem

still got it

still got it

Poem A Day Challenge #12

Grace’s Fish

Would you like some fresh fish?

Or would you like some Grace’s fresher fish?

I would like some freshest fish

Do you mean the freshest fish in Grace’s Dinner?

Yes, I would like to have some freshest fish in Grace’s dinner

Poem A Day Challenge#11

Jeein Kwon


She’s part of my body

She’s my arm

She’s my pet


Poem A Day Challenge #10

The Rain

She’s sitting on a cold chair

The kids are playing in the playground

She remebers the fight with her friend

The rain starts dripping lightly on her face

As she thinks more the fain starts to come down harder

The kids starts to run to their houses

But she stays

The rain pours on her

Poem A Day Challenge#9


She’s as cute as a Teady Bear

She’s as pretty as a rose

She’s as mad as a fire


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